Lane Walkup is a sculptural artist based in Brooklyn, NY.
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Someone Loves You in Nyc XO Bag
Wiry Custom Necklace
Wiry Custom Necklace- 14k Gold
Unfurl in the Sun Print of Original
The Apology Print of Original
Unfurl in the Sun Original Cyanotype Print
Blue Heart
Tulip in red
Tulip in yellow
Tulip in pink
Tulips in red
Tulips in red with blue
Tulips in yellow
Rose in red
Custom Arrangements
Price upon request
Candle drawings
Candle drawings- single
Charm Candelabra
Floppy Tulip Necklace
Earth Necklace
Birds Singing Bumper Sticker
Earth Angel Bumper Sticker 2.0
Fantasy Bumper Sticker
Winged Heart Tree Topper
Heart Cyanotype
Flying Friend
Flying Friend Cyanotype
Dancing Scroll
Dancing Scroll Cyanotype
Star Chaser
Star Chaser Cyanotype - Smaller
Star Chaser Tree Topper
Star Chaser Cyanotype- Larger
X-Ray Butterfly Cyanotype
Planted Heart Hook
Heart Coat of Arms Ornament
Night Moth Ornament
Castle Ornament
Flower Vase Ornament
Star Chaser Ornament
Flying Star Hook
Earth Angel Sticker
Enchanted Star Necklace
Handle Necklace
Chain Link Heart
Shulian x Lane Charm Necklace
Pink Essay x Lane Walkup Chair Necklace
Heart Bloom Ornament
Candle Magic Ornament
Candlelight Ornament
Cloud Dancer 2
Green Blue Star Chaser Ornament
Spider Wisdom Ornament
Good Luck Dragonfly Ornament
Venus Butterfly Ornament
Forest Butterfly Ornament
Ornament 4
Ornament 3
Pink Star Chaser
Cloud Dancer
Sun/Moon Ornament
Hair Shape 1
Hair Shape 2
Looking Back Hair Pin